Rustenburg cheap affordable kids parties

After months of research, a definite need in the market for the planning and facilitating of children’s parties was identified. Rustikids Wonderland cc was established in April 2007.

Rustikids Wonderland is a house-hold name in Rustenburg. We offer parents the opportunity to create memorable kiddies birthday parties for their little ones. We are dynamic and we have a passion for what we do.  We at Rustikids Wonderland, can create the most magical kids birthday parties and memorable experience for you and your kids.

We know that mom’s have a budget when planning their little ones celebration. We offer various options to accommodate all your needs. You have the option to add extras to make the party special and to ensure that it will suite your budget or you can just rent the items from us and use your own creative juices to do your own party if you cannot afford the full service.

We come out to your venue or to the venue that you have secured for your party; we also offer the service of sourcing the venue for you.  On offer are balloons decor, helium balloons; party packets; cakes, cupcakes, funky party treats, jumping castles, cupcakes almost everything that you can think of, we can organize!

This unique business concept provides a comfortable and modern solution for busy parents, taking the hassles and responsibility of organising a themed kiddie’s party out of their hands, creating the opportunity for mom and dad to be a part of the memory, by enjoying the day with your little one, family, and friends and not have to worry about the party


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